Good horsemanship requines sound basic teaching and practice of fundamentals employed by top professional honsenenn These techniques apply whether riding trails on in horse shou competition lack & Tanbark has ob- dained the services of top horsemen in teaching you the techniques and aids they have found useful.



limny Williams - Ohe of the most widely noun professional horsemen in the Re Die A Leading trainer in several divisions A producer of many champions each year. He serves as advisor on many connittees, Was voted Horseman of the Year in 1960 and also elected to Lifetime menbership in the Ae A, ay A.

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a The "Let's Ride" album series offer specific courses in all Weatean and énglish riding divisions. Included with each album is a four-page iLustrated booklet de-

4igned to promote understanding in training both honse gnd rider in each particular event,


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