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^Cor each categorg of Measure shown below/ list the choices gou wish to moke available to gout adventuring tribe, ^bu mag complete one treasure Companion foe each level of gout maze gou mag allow one treasure Companion to pertain to multiple levels within the same maze.

yioe exact treasure found can be determined bg wag of a random roll. %JVot all creatures possess all treasures/ so consult gour notes on creatures as well as the iYK)aze Raster s treasure £hart in order to see what is actuallg possible in ang given case before gou roll.

4^s a more tulvtHfced option/ some ^VKjaze Rasters will choose to use the ^VKjaze ^VKjaster s treasure Companion as just a starting point/ allowing the entrg rolled here to determine the appropriate Wjate ^VKjaster s treasure Retailer to consult next (optional].

Special ^/tems are not normallg rolled/ but can be included at the ^VKjaze Raster s discretion.

Consult Chapter 69 of The Iron Realm Podcast for more on Treasures in the Final Realm. Listen or Play! The Choice is up to you.

Coins / £urrencg ^ate of Exchange

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